App for BurgerBoy

Benefit of Burgerboy Stall App

BurgerBoy Stall APP

FREEMIUM application to manage your burger stall.

Easily monitor the progress of your burger business.

Easily record your profit by inserting incurred cost.

Easily view all records when needed. (Portable)

Easily know the favourite menu for your customer.


Manually manage your burger stall.

Need to write down all records regarding your business activity continuously.

Manually calculate all costs to know your profit.

Hard to view your records when needed.

Need to make questionnaires or observation to know the favourite menu of your customer.

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Benefit of Burgerboy Customer App

BurgerBoy Customer APP

FREEMIUM application to locate the burger stall and order the burger.

Easily detect the nearest burger stall within your location.

Ordering burger through this app with ease.

Easily track your order.

Easily differentiate the prices for burgers between the burger sellers


Manually locate burger stall and order burgers from burger stall.

Need to ask locals or searching for yourself to know the nearest burger stall.

Need to go to the burger stall or call the burger seller to order the burger.

Need to ask the burger seller.

Hard to differentiate the prices for burgers between the burger sellers

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