Why BurgerBoy?

Reason why you should use BurgerBoy

Tracking Sales Performance

With a great set of measurement criteria, Burgerboy can easily determine and monitor the performance of your sales in terms of revenue generation & production management.

Integrated Inventory Management

A centralized management on the inventory supply helps the burger seller to acquire the raw materials stocks easily and less worried about running out of raw materials

Business Profile & Promotion

Burger seller gets to personalized their business profile and add attractive promotions. This creates a greater chance of business opportunities nationwide.

3 Easy Steps To Get Started With BurgerBoy

Follow steps below to make your stall ready to sell burger online

Sign Up

Register your burger stall here and verify your account

Personalize Stall

Personalize your business profile and product promotion

Manage Inventory

Handle your inventory stocks and start selling your burger online

Find BurgerBoy in your city

Stay tune, more location coming in!

Take order using an App.

Track sales easily.

Be a BurgerBoy

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